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Aman (ah-mahn)

“trust, safety, tranquility, belief”

2.4 million                       10%                       3/4                      138/2,100  minutes

unfilled science, technology, engineering, and innovation jobs will exist in the US

percent of the country’s workers in science & engineering are African American, Hispanic, American Indian, and Alaska Native of the fastest growing jobs are in science & technology; yet most remained unfilled because

of the fastest growing jobs are in science & technology; yet most remained unfilled because U.S. colleges are not graduating enough qualified individuals

On average, U.S. elementary schools devote only 2.3 hrs. (138 minutes) of their 35 hrs. (2,100 minutes) of instruction to science each week 

The Aman STEAM Academy, Inc. team takes the work of building trust with families, providing a safe environment for children to holistically evolve and grow, and believing (all against all reasonable facts to the contrary) that together we can significantly impact a generation by cultivating the foundations of their learning and passions.


ASA, Inc. offers several learning opportunities for children. From our day camps and monthly STEAM Saturdays to our after school program and push in school enrichment programs, families can take advantage of out of school programs that are catered to preparing young people for the kinds of thinking and problem-solving needed for life and work in the 21st century and beyond.


Our out of school programs utilize industry standard learning in the arts, sciences, and engineering fields that are scaled to elementary aged student projects and learning experiences. Whether building robots, budgeting and grocery shopping for a $20 meal, or designing transportation systems of the future, our program participants are engaged at high levels of learning and given safe and social environments to hone their interpersonal skills.

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