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Aman STEAM Academy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to exposing young people of various socioeconomic backgrounds and communities to learning experiences with clear connections to scientific innovation, creative thinking and problem-solving, and the advancement of the entrepreneurial spirit through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics).


Unlike most traditional school science and extracurricular programs, our programming is designed to deliver programming that exposes children to the STEAM disciplines, lay a foundation of skills and interests in STEAM careers, and cultivate the artistic gifts of our young students into entrepreneurial vision and pursuits. Every student that participates in our learning sessions experiences the transformative power of a high quality out-of-school program. 


Our mission is to prepare a new generation of creative and independently thinking young people who use their unique experiences and power to solve and resolve community problems and create a just world. It is our aim to push beyond the boundaries of traditional education by developing intriguing and compelling learning experiences that are not only grounded in the sciences, arts, and technology/engineering, but also foster the skills and knowledge needed to secure jobs in any of the STEAM fields.

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