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EAGLE Values


E: We value and foster ENTHUSIASM and positive thinking. We bring passion, energy, and excitement to school every day. We see the opportunity in every difficulty and are able to overcome obstacles.


A: We believe in responsible risk-taking and ADVENTURE. We value meaningful, productive change and that change only comes through looking at challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising curiosity. We try new things constantly and venture out from the norm.


G: We believe in the importance of GROWTH and constantly challenging and stretching ourselves to reach our highest potential. We resist complacency, are flexible, persevere and follow through challenging situations, and constantly learn, adapt, and expand our knowledge. This desire is not outwardly motivated, but comes from internal joy and the excitement of getting better.


L: We believe LEADERSHIP is honesty and integrity in character. Leaders do not blame or make excuses. When a problem arises, leaders find a solution and implement it quickly. Leaders are relentless in their pursuit of excellence, take ownership and responsibility, and are accountable to themselves and their team.


E: We believe in the inherent worth of all people and that EMPOWERMENT means to continuously grow so that we can self-advocate and make decisions for their lives. We believe, with the right tools and coaching, we can pursue and attain our goals and passions.


S: We believe in a unified school community and possess SELFLESS PASSION. We believe we should be attentive to ourselves and others, realizing the connection to a vision larger than but comprising of ourselves. We believe succeeding together is just as important as succeeding independently.


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