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Family STEAM

Got some extra time on your hands this weekend? School-based learning is critical, but that learning does not have to end when the school day does. Neither do you as a parent have to be a certified teacher to recreate content-based learning experiences for your child at home.

Aman STEAM Academy is proud to share resources and learning moments that can be used during family bonding time, on breaks from school, or as a helpful tool for the family babysitter. Each month we will post fun, engaging, and educational lessons that families can simply download or print at their convenience. The materials for these activities are typically household items. 

Please be sure to share your experiences with us by emailing pictures and stories to We want to see all the fun you are having at home while learning science, technology, engineering, arts/creative thinking, and mathematics concepts. You can also share on our social media pages or tag us using the hashtags #BuildingSTEAM and #iSupportAman.

Lesson 1: Helping Professor Kim S. Tree

Description: Families will learn the steps of the scientific method and explore the use of science to solve real life problems. Families will also work together to create a presentation that will increase young learners' critical thinking, creative problem-solving, communication, and presentation skills.



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