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STEAM is raising the bar for achievement for all students...

STEAM skills are vital for success in the 21st century and critical to our collective future.


  • "Collaboration, trial and error, divergent thinking skills, dynamic prolem-solving, and perseverance are all skills that are fostered by arts and can be brought to bear to improve STEM learning. Arts education and integration are essential to producing a future workforce with the skills employers are looking for." (Representative Aaron Schock, US Representatives STEAM Caucus, Co-Chair)

  • STEAM graduates are problem solvers, innovators, inventors, and logical thinkers.

Both STEM and arts integration have been shown by several rigorous studies to increase engagement and achievement among youth from all socioeconomic, gender, cultural, and academic proficiency groups.


  • Arts integration naturally involves several ways of processing information that have been shown to improve long-term memory.

  • STEAM makes a child's classroom more relevant to what is going on intheir lives outside of school and engages them more in the learning process.

  • The interdisciplinary method for teaching and daily arts instruction evident in the STEAM model offers children opportunities to learn through all the ways in which they are able.

The STEAM approach not only empowers student learners, but also adult learners.


  • Teachers design arts-integrated activities to address the specific standards that students are learning through the core curriculum.

  • Teaching artists work with teachers to develop integrated lessons.

  • Teachers collaborate weekly to create arts-integrated lessons, review assessment data, identify areas where students need additional support, and then collectively brainstorm ideas to support students.

  • STEAM curriculum is an inquiry-based approach that allows teachers to inspire the love of learning in children and youth through project-based, hands-on exploration and reflection while also being creative in their own instructional practice.

STEAM is just fun, exciting, engaging, and joyful for teachers, students, families, and all school community members!


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