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A Letter From Our Founder

Farrah Nicole Martin


Dear Families,


When I chose to defer medical school to teach middle school science in 2001, I had no idea that journey would lead me to meeting some of the most incredible students, families, educators, and education advocates in our country. Neither was I aware that many of those individuals would join forces with me in creating an educational program that has the capacity to impact generations of children and families. Today, in partnership with many of these remarkable individuals, motivated by the plight of generations of passionate people before us and the present and future children of our community, Aman STEAM Academy is our common passion.


Aman STEAM Academy started as an imagined idea: we wanted school to be a place that was fun, connected real life experiences to what kids were learning, and embraced the natural gifts, talents, and abilities of young people that could be leveraged to create the innovation and creativity our 21st century society needs to remain viable. We wanted to create a special kind of school, a place where EVERYONE could continually learn and grow and feel empowered to be a leader, embrace adventure and challenge, and consider impossibility as possibility.


The mission, vision, and values of Aman STEAM Academy come together to create a program where creativity is cherished and encouraged and where children fall in love with the joy of learning and teachers fall in love with the joy of teaching. Together, our students, staff, and families form a learning community that is safe and respectful- an environment of collaboration, continuous learning and improvement, positivity, thoughtfulness, trust, and accountability. We seek to create the type of environment where “everybody knows your name and you’re always glad you came.


In building Aman, we have been strategic in choosing the best research-based and innovative educational practices that we feel have promise to prepare our students to be multi-dimensional thinkers, problem-solvers, and trailblazers in their careers, community, and the global society. We seek to attract families who believe that our intentional focus on science, technology, engineering, and the arts is pivotal in preparing our children to be successful in our ever-evolving world. Our journey to offer a nontraditional educational approach will not always be easy, but all our commitment as teachers, parents, students, staff, administration, and carriers of the vision and mission of Aman STEAM Academy will prove to be worth it. As our name suggests, we BELIEVE that Aman STEAM Academy will be the epicenter of the next generation of innovators, artists, thinkers, and inventors that fuel the science, technology, and arts community and economy of our city, our state, our country, and our world.


Building STEAM,

Farrah Nicole Martin

Founder/Executive Director

Aman STEAM Academy 


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