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Our Founding Principles

Aman STEAM Academy was founded on the following principles:


  1. Embrace our motto “We BELIEVE,” and push our students to be curious, creative, and to take responsible risks.

  2. Create a culture with high levels of discipline, manners, and respect.

  3. Emphasize science, technology, engineering, arts-based, and mathematics education (STEAM) and fully implement an integrated STEAM, problem-based learning model to prepare our students to be 21st century thinkers and contributors. No matter how difficult the funding may be, ASA will commit to finding ways to make this happen.

  4. Enroll a diverse group of students in order to cultivate global thinkers who have a deep understanding of individuality, difference, and culture.

  5. Teach in ways that promote creativity, innovation, wonder, independence, joy, and a passion for continuous learning.

  6. Strive to hire the best, brightest, creative, and most passionate educators from across the country to teach in our classrooms, no matter how many interviews it takes.

  7. Assume best intentions of others.

  8. Be fully committed to the team, having an “us” mentality and not a “them.”

  9. See the brilliance within each child and strive relentlessly to ignite it.

  10. Maintain the ideal that science, technology, engineering, and the arts are catalysts for innovation and creative expression and the building blocks of future-ready leaders.

  11. Honor a school culture and traditions of celebration, community, and achievement. Commit to doing these weekly.

  12. Demand academic rigor and set high expectations for every learner.

  13. Resist complacency and continually push ourselves and each other to learn and grow at all times and in all situations.

  14. Create surprises and special moments as often as possible.

  15. Visit the home of every new student and family and intentionally make them feel like a significant member of our school community.

  16. Seek to be leaders in education and not followers.

  17. Find a way to “make it happen.” When a problem arises, we find a solution and implement quickly, refusing to back down but to remain committed to accomplish our goals and mission.


  19. Always put the needs of children first.

  20. Revere our teachers and staff.










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