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Our Culture


The way we relate to each central to our culture at Aman STEAM Academy. Together, our students, staff, families, and community partners create a community that is built upon acceptance, respect, and success. Each day we strive to create a culture and climate that feels safe and respectful so that children can be motivated to learn, staff can be motivated to function at their higher professional capacity, and familes can be actively engaged and committed to the success of their child and our school. Our culture is identified as imaginative and creative, fun, thoughtful, and one that embraces diversity, assumes the best of others, and encourages loyalty to team Aman. It’s about having fun, being thoughtful, refraining from gossip, and always assuming the best of others. At Aman, we stress the principle "There is no them. There is only us."


Our culture ignites passion and brings out the best performance in each person. It is one of collaboration, continuous learning and improvement, positivity, thoughtfulness, trust, and accountability. We want our staff, students, and families to be able to say, "I cannot imagine working, learning, or sending my children to any other place."










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