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Our Team


Aman STEAM Academy’s expectations for teachers and staff are aligned with our educational philosophy and supported through ongoing and relevant professional development. We expect teachers to engage students in sophisticated and challenging work that requires deep, reflective thinking and sparks intellectual curiosity. We expect teachers to empower students to be stewards of their own learning and development. We expect teachers to uphold high standards of achievement for all students regardless of their disadvantage. Conversely, what we expect not to see in our classrooms are rote learning practices that make minimal cognitive demands, such as memorizing chants, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, power points, simplistic questions, and an emphasis on controlling students.


The teachers we hire are reflective, passionate, and intrinsically motivated educators who believe that all students can learn at the highest level. We look for teachers who are steeped in transformative pedagogy and practice or committed to learning how to develop high-quality, progressive instruction. The ideal candidates love learning and inspire students to love learning. We look for teachers with a track record of high performance, who are genuinely considerate and kind, and thrive in an entrepreneurial culture.

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