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Photo Gallery

Follow our school's journey to opening day!
Aurora Kid Spree Festival 2015

The Aman STEAM Academy community joined together to meet, greet, and share information about our school with interested families and businesses at the Aurora Kid Spree Festival on Saturday, June 6th. We had a wonderful STEAM demonstration lesson, giving our booth visitors the opportunity to see what problem-based learning and the engineering design process are all about.

"Champions of Aman"

These amazing individuals are community members, business owners, educators, and education advocates who believe in the mission and vision of Aman. They meet monthly to discuss ways in which they can use their personal and professional expertise to help build the foundation of our school and promote our STEAM model throughout the community.




Will you be featured in the photo montage of Aman STEAM Academy's history? Meet us at any of our community events or host a "Building STEAM" night. When we see your face in the place, we will include your face on the space (website and social media pages)!

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