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Aman STEAM Academy, Inc. started as an imagined idea: we wanted learning experiences to be a fun place, relatable to real life, and grounded on enhancing childrens' natural gifts, talents, and abilities. 


ASA envisions 21st century learning to be a tool used to teach students the powerful skill of navigating chaos. As our world remains rapidly changing and ever-evolving, our goal is to graduate young people that possess the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and habits of mind to be leaders in innovation and creative industries who can identify and design authentic solutions to local and global problems. While quality education gets children ahead, it is equally important for us to prepare young people that are self and world aware. We want to provide our students with “roots and wings”- serving as a catalyst for them to discover their own power to make change for themselves, their communities, and the world.

The essence of our work is to emphasize science, technology, engineering, and arts-based education as the touchstone for 21st century thinkers, create learning experiences that foster creativity, independence, and imagination, and to foster hands-on, project-based learning and mentorship through community STEM and arts partnerships. 

Aman (ah-mahn):  to believe against all odds; the skilled ones


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